What Are the advantages of using acrylic hangers

Plastic and iron hangers may be the most common hangers in the fashion world because of their early start in the Industry. However, either one of these options are not better than acrylic hangers when it comes to some features. If you are using hangers for personal purposes, you can stick to either the plastic or metal ones. But if you have a fashion house or plan to open a retail store for fashion items, you may want to switch to the acrylic hangers. In this guide, we will check out some of the common reasons to use acrylic hangers

Unique option

One major reason everyone should consider acrylic hangers is their uniqueness. Most people on the internet are used to the regular plastic and wire hangers. So when seeing the acrylic hangers it is already an attractive item. So for a customer that is not interested in buying anything initially, the hanger can lure them into making that purchase. This benefit is more necessary when you have a walk in store for these items.

Strong and sturdy

Plastic and wire hangers do not have strength to last over time. Of course, these hangers will do well when you initially purchase them. However, the hangers tend to damage over time when you are using them. However, the acrylic hangers are different. The material used to make it is plexiglass, which is the clear one. Naturally, the plexiglass is one that does not break, or bend. So when you fix your clothes on the material, you can rest assured that the cloth will still take shape. This will mean a better life for the clothes in the store and the hanger.

Takes the shape of your cloth

When you open a fashion retail store, not everyone will buy your clothes. Some outfits will stay months in the store while others may not even reach the store before getting sold. Regardless of the timeline to sell any outfit, it is usually better to keep the clothes in good shape. That means you need to find a way to make the outfits remain new. Using the plastic or wire hangers will change the cloth shape. If you leave it on these hangers for long, it starts to look like someone has worn it.

Different designs

Acrylic hangers are not the most popular type of hangers in the fashion Industry. But the people into the sale of these hangers already have their ideas before choosing to use acrylic. Therefore, there are different designs of acrylic hangers. Some brands can even go as far as making an acrylic hanger for you with your brand details. This makes it more personal for you and your potential customers. Also, it’s another avenue to amaze the customers


Buying an acrylic hanger for your business purposes is one of the best decisions you will make yet. However, these hangers are not usually available. So it’s better to search online for an acrylic hanger producer, so you can get these hangers.



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